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Open uri20160713 29078 1wrq90e article

Canadian-led project uses canine therapy to help veterans in war-torn Ukraine

When conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine, the country wasn't prepared for battle. But even fewer were ready for the psychological wounds of war. Now a Canadian-led initiative is trying to help rehabilitate veterans with PTSD using canine therapy....

Open uri20160713 29023 1ybfyhs article
Al Jazeera

Narendra Modi’s war on the environment

Since coming to power last year, the Indian leader has diluted ecological protections in the name of development...

Open uri20160713 29023 105w25z article
Al Jazeera

After Koovagam, India’s largest transgender carnival

After Koovagam, India's largest transgender carnival...

Open uri20160713 29023 13i7em9 article
Al Jazeera

Troubled Waters

Monsoon floods sweep across rural Assam, leaving behind child brides and teen moms...

Open uri20160713 29032 7mtmfx article
The Globe And Mail

Aftermath of the Sri Lankan war

Images from the resettlement of war-displaced Tamil refugees in the north of Sri Lanka...

Open uri20160713 29032 bddutn article
The Globe And Mail

In pictures: A look at the the financial crisis of 2008

On Bay Street and Wall Street, the subprime mortgage crisis took its toll on both workers and share prices...

The Globe And Mail

U of T signs on to startup offering online courses

University of Toronto lone Canadian school joining Stanford, Princeton and others in Coursera, a venture offering ‘massive open online courses’...

Open uri20160713 29032 w6pzha article
The Globe And Mail

Can I get a parking ticket if I put my hazard lights on?

Hazard lights won't help you, writes Jason Tchir. In fact, they might tip off the authorities that you're illegally parked...

The Globe And Mail

Will running on concrete increase my risk of injury?

New research contradicts earlier studies that say we adapt our running stride so that hard and soft surfaces administer roughly the same shock to the body...

Open uri20160713 29032 1p2kaj5 article
The Globe And Mail

Ban plastic water bottle sales? One U.S. town just did

If you’re looking for a single-serving bottle of non-sparkling, unflavoured drinking water, steer clear of Concord, Mass....

Open uri20160713 29032 1shov4s article
The Globe And Mail

Teachers, partner buying stake in Denmark’s ISS

Ontario pension plan, Kristiansen family to invest €500-million for 26 per cent share in outsourcing firm...

The Globe And Mail

Indigo launches rewards program

Move helps retailer offset decline in sales of traditional books...

Open uri20160713 29032 1xft911 article
The Globe And Mail

Ontario teachers' pension benefits 'have to be cut, ' Duncan declares

Taxpayers off the hook as Ontario reverses trend of increasing contributions...

Open uri20160713 1816 147rv05 article
The Globe And Mail

The 18,700-kilometre journey of a Canadian lentil

 We traced one shipment of Maxim red lentils from a basement laboratory in Saskatoon to a pot in Calcutta. Rashi Kilnani is a 2012-2013 Media Fellow of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada...

Open uri20160713 1816 1nly92g article
The Globe And Mail

The 10 most important cars of the last 25 years

An important car is one that shakes up the marketplace, shattering pre-conceived notions about what is good and right and proper and profitable, writes Jeremy Cato...